All Weather Pitch

All weather pitch offers expert knowledge within the sports surfacing industry, with over twenty years of experience we pride ourselves on helping clients across the UK to understand what is best for their institution, discussing their options with them and striving to give them the best value product at the highest quality standard.


All Weather Pitch Surfacing InstallationWe understand that it’s hard to judge which Artificial Sports Surface is the perfect one for you and your all weather pitch, it can depend on a lot of factors, the main one being the sports it will be used for – We offer a variety of different surfacing options that are all suitable for individual sports including football and rugby, but each surface offers a great deal of cross over between sports ensuring that there is a perfect option for everyone.

We guarantee that all of our surfaces are 100% usable in all weather conditions due to the porosity of the product. The permeable Artificial Sports Surfaces allow water to pass through them and the sub base (foundations) for each all weather sports pitch is built using reduced fines angular stones, this gives the surface the durability and structure it needs whilst ensuring that water can pass through the gaps in the stones. – For more information on all weather pitch surfacing options click the surfacing tab.


To ensure that your sports pitch stays completely porous, it’s important to give the surface regular, proactive maintenance, this means preventing any issues before they actually arise. The best way to do this is to keep the all weather pitch clear of any contaminations which could cause damage to the surface or anyone using it, this can be done by brushing and deep cleaning the grass fibres of the sports surface. Keeping the infill particles topped up and evenly distributed also helps to maintain the porosity and prevent flooding on the surface of the all weather pitch.

Reactive maintenance can also be carried out to repair any damage which has been caused to the surfacing; this could include seam repairs, infill rejuvenation or even a full resurfacing job. – For more information on maintenance click the maintenance tab.


All Weather Pitch Construction Stone LevellingWe offer a variety of different specifications and carpets for each of our Artificial Sports Surfaces types; this gives the client a great deal of freedom to choose the perfect sports facility. Through this we can also help customise the all weather pitch to ensure that that the client stays within their budget, whilst still getting a high quality product. We also give all of our clients the opportunity to have extra features installed with the all weather pitches, for example we offer a variety of different fencing that can come in a selection of heights, this allows for customisation over the all weather pitch.

We also offer floodlighting, which is extremely beneficial in the winter months as it allows the sports pitch to be used when it gets dark early, this is preferable for leisure centres that will rent the Artificial Sports Surfaces out, and can generate more revenue during the season.